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Photo to Chart Conversion
What is a Photo to Chart Service?
What can be converted into a chart?
Photo to Chart : How we do it!

Photo-Stitch Services
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Photo-Stitch Services We can turn your photograph into a cross-stitch chart for as little as 9 per chart!
We may be cheap, but we do not reduce the quality of your pattern, only the price! GUARANTEED!

For more details see the Photo-Stitch page.

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Photo to Chart Conversion

  • We specialise in creating cross-stitch patterns from virtually any photograph (we've not found any we've been unable to do yet!). We can take any picture (See : "What can I use" for details) and convert this into a cross-stitch pattern (just like a normal kit!).
  • Our service offers high quality charts, hand edited to give high quality results. 
  • To make your photograph into a cross-stitch pattern takes more than simply converting it electronically, Much editing is needed to ensure your pattern still looks like the original photograph!
  • We do not use any commercially available software, we have our own specially designed and written software which is continually improved by ourselves. We only use this to help us match the colourings we use during editing your pattern to the number of colours and available colours selected for the threads. Even after this we continue to edit the pattern until we are happy with the final result. We go to great lengths to ensure your pattern looks the best it can as a cross-stitch. We apply advanced image processing and hand editing to give high quality patterns which you will enjoy stitching, and which look fantastic stitched!
We may be cheap, but we do not reduce the quality of your pattern, only the price!

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Photo to Chart Services

  • Photo to Chart allows you to stitch your own unique cross-stitch design by using our specially made charts.
  • Each chart is designed from your picture, whether it is a photograph or some other picture (See : What Can I Use? for details). From this picture we create your unique design in any way you'd like. We can use the whole picture, or just a specific part plus make alterations to suit your needs! (See : Photo-Stitch page for details).

Types of picture people like to stitch are:

the family pet, a wedding photograph, child's school photograph, graduation photograph, club logo, favourite landscape, your own house, your local church, animals, themselves, loved ones, cars and vehicles, gardens and flowers, holiday photographs, special occasions. 

someone else's favourite picture makes an excellent present 

Cross-stitch full kits or charts make excellent presents, whether they're given to someone who loves stitching, or as a finished design, they are an excellent way to capture your fondest memories in a unique and beautiful way.

They are just like buying a ready made kit that someone else has designed, but they can be of anything you choose, you don't have to find the kit you want, only what you'd like to stitch!

Why not give it a go today!
Have your own unique cross-stitch design as good and easy as any ready made kit.

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What can be used to create a design?

Cross-stitch designs can be created from:
  • Internet Pictures:
    The internet if packed with images of virtually everything you could ever want. You can e-mail us an image, or tell us where you found the image. Please be aware that many images on the internet are copyrighted and the site owner might not allow their images to be used. If you are unsure, contact the site owner, or check their page for details of copyright information (such as at the bottom of this page).
  • Computer Picture Files:
    As above with the internet, computers offer an powerful way of creating your own artwork. We can accept pictures in files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP etc.). You can either e-mail these to us, or post them on a 1.44MB floppy disk, or on a CD. Please be aware that some forms of picture files (like GIF) have limited colours and can have poor image quality. For a picture file to work the image must be at least 256 colours and no smaller than 100x100 pixels, but if the image is this small, please check with us first. Please do not e-mail files which are larger than 400Kb in size, use JPEG if possible as this will give the smallest possible file size.
Please Note: Many images are ©Copyrighted and we can not accept any responsibility for any infringement of this copyright. We trust our customers to either be the owner of their pictures, or to have written permission from the copyright owner. If you are unsure, contact the source of your picture, they can tell you who owns the copyright and whether you can use the picture. We can not accept any picture which obviously breaks this copyright (such as Disney characters or any cartoon character). Photographs of celebrities, animals, places etc. can be done from your own photographs only, if you choose to use a photograph which you don't own then you do so at your own risk, it is virtually impossible for us to check so we can't accept any responsibility.

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How we create your chart

  • Creating your cross-stitch design is done using several stages, unlike some other Photo to Chart services, we take time creating your pattern with special attention to the quality of the design and spend time editing and enhancing the picture before even beginning the design to give the highest possible quality.
  • We can do a variety of editing and advanced image enhancements to ensure your picture is clear and bright enough to make a quality cross-stitch design from. We can use photographs which are have objects in the way, common ones are trees and lampposts, we can isolate only the main subject and make the background white, or we can apply fading and shaping to give oval shapes around the main subject of the design.
  • After we have created a high quality picture from your photograph we can then begin the process of conversion.
  • First we reduce the colour shades in your picture enough to give the desire results, then we use our specially written software to create a cross-stitch design using the thread colours we choose.
  • From this design we hand edit the final stage to remove any stitches that are unnecessary, and change any colours which don't match correctly. We can also see how the design looks as a final cross-stitch and make any changes needed to give the highest quality results.
    If you would like to see your design before we send it to you, or if you would like a selection of designs to choose from, then please let us know when ordering and we will be able to e-mail you a preview..
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