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Using Web Page Images
Using web page pictures

Internet Pictures:

The internet is packed with images of virtually everything you could ever want. You can e-mail us an image, or tell us where you found the image. Please be aware that many images on the internet are copyrighted and the site owner might not allow their images to be used. If you are unsure, contact the site owner, or check their page for details of copyright information (such as at the bottom of this page).

Computer Picture Files:

As above with the internet, computers offer a powerful way of creating your own artwork. We can accept pictures in files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP etc.). You can e-mail these to us. Please be aware that some forms of picture files (like GIF) have limited colours and can have poor image quality. For a picture file to work the image must be at least 256 colours and no smaller than 100x100 pixels, but if the image is this small, please check with us first. Please do not e-mail files which are larger than 10MB in size, use JPEG if possible as this will give the smallest possible file size.

Please Note: Many images are ©Copyrighted and we can not accept any responsibility for any infringement of this copyright. We trust our customers to either be the owner of their pictures, or to have written permission from the copyright owner. If you are unsure, contact the source of your picture, they can tell you who owns the copyright and whether you can use the picture. We can not accept any picture which obviously breaks this copyright (such as Disney characters or any cartoon character). Photographs of celebrities, animals, places etc. can be done from your own photographs only, if you choose to use a photograph which you don't own then you do so at your own risk, it is virtually impossible for us to check so we can't accept any responsibility.

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